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Erin Goodwin

Words can not describe my gratitude! Circumstances were not ideal for the day of our wedding, I had to excuse our wedding photographer and we were left without one. Spring was my sister’s top choice and I instantly knew she would be perfect. She had pushed aside her personal plans for that day to create lasting memories of our wedding. She came to the rescue! She was wonderful and worked fast. Although, she’s never done a wedding before, her pictures were breathtaking. In one particular picture, she captured a rainbow leading from our kiss. She made what could have been a disastrous day, into the best day of my life. She was so sweet calm and collected and guided us through the photo process. Trust me when I say that it couldn’t have been easy, as we are all loud and unruly. I am eternally grateful for what she gave up to be there with us that day. Thank you Spring from the bottom of my heart. You have a wonderful gift and I thank you for going above and beyond for us.

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